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Providing Investors Stable Returns

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Welcome to Moschel Capital, a trusted leader in the real estate industry. With over a decade of experience, we have established ourselves as experts in purchasing real estate across diverse markets and asset classes. Our extensive knowledge and keen understanding of the industry enable us to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions with ease.


At Moschel Capital, we take pride in being a vertically integrated company, meaning we have full control over every aspect of the real estate process. From acquisition to redevelopment and management, we have successfully managed projects in each phase. Our comprehensive approach allows us to streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and deliver exceptional results to our clients and investors. With our proven track record and unwavering commitment to excellence, we are your go-to partner for all your real estate needs.





We focus on identifying opportunities to acquire underperforming assets. Our experience closing hundreds of transactions has developed our profound market knowledge. 


We specialize in strategically repositioning real estate by increasing the efficiency of operations  in order to raise net operating income and force appreciation.

Asset Management

Our team oversees property management and works side by side in order to ensure quality of service for our commercial and residential tenants.

Investor Relations


We emphasize the importance of transparency and keep our investors well informed while offering passive partnership opportunities.



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Jonathan Moschel
Ben Moschel

Tel: 443-995-9072



Moschel Capital provides Investors both short and long term passive investment structures allowing you to earn interest on your money by lending on real assets as well as to invest alongside us as an equity partner and have direct ownership in income producing real estate.

If you are interested in learning more please reach out to our team to schedule a meeting or call.

Preferred Investor Partners will stay informed on all upcoming investment opportunities. Submit your investment interest form to join.

Sell Your Property

Sell Your Property

It is easy to sell your property to Moschel Capital. We are buying residential row houses / single-family, multifamily apartments, commercial, mixed use, office-space, storage, industrial and raw or developed land.

If you have a property you're interested in selling to us, please fill out the form and our team will contact you to schedule a consultation. 

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